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The Women Talk Sports Network brings together the world's best websites focusing on topics relating to women in sport. The network connects sites from across the globe that provide high-quality news, opinion, advice, blogs, data and tools.

Members of the Women Talk Sports Network:

  1. Provide a reputable voice as part of the women's sports community e.g. current or former athlete, female executive, professional in the sports industry, journalist, blogger, writer or sports fan.
  2. Provide consistent, valuable content including event reporting, lifestyle articles, fitness advice, product reviews, editorial columns, the latest sports technology, video, and/or podcasts.
  3. Provide value-added resources to the community.

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We're happy you're interested in joining our network! The Women Talk Sports Network brings together the best bloggers talking about women in sports. We currently have over 100 members and are growing every day. Check out our full list of contributors and you will see that by joining our network, you will be among great company. From dedicated writers to professional athletes, our members bring a variety of perspectives on women's sports that is unmatched anywhere else on the web.

There are two ways you can join*:

Already Have a Blog or Website?

As long as you have an RSS feed of your content, you can join our network and your posts will be re-published on our site, giving your content exposure to the tens of thousands of visitors that come to our site each month.

What is required for my site to be a part of the WTS Network?

Our members complete an initial form indicating their site's main focus as well as traffic statistics. While we don't have traffic requirements, we do ask our members to consistently offer content that is relevant to our mission and to women in sport.

In order to cover the costs of maintaining this ever-growing network, we must run ad banners on our site. We also require our new members to run at least one banner ad, along with displaying our blog badge. Your ad(s) not only help our network survive but also have the potential to make you some money. Every month that your site reaches 10,000+ impressions, you will get a (large) cut of the revenue your site brought in.

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Want to Write on WomenTalkSports.com?

If you don't have your own site and are looking for a place to express yourself, or you have your own site but want to write about sports on our site as well, we'd love to have you!

What is required of me as a Women Talk Sports blogger?

You will need to first sign up for a Women Talk Sports account so you can create your profile. When you sign up, just check the box indicating your interest in writing for us, and we'll contact you to discuss your background and the topics you're interested in covering.

You'll find that our platform is easy to use and mimics many common blogging platforms. If you can update your Facebook status, you can post a blog on our site. We simply ask that you contribute regular, relevant content, and that you avoid vulgarity, plagiarism and defamation of character. Opinions are welcome, as is event coverage, interviews with athletes and other people in the sports world, and of course your unique ideas!

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* YES, men can join our network! (We get that question a lot.)

As a network, our members stick together. We encourage everyone to continue to promote not only the network itself, but the members' sites and other outside endeavors, such as when a member is competing in an event, giving a speech or holding a seminar, organizing a local event and so on.

Together our voice is louder and stronger. While our interest and opinions may differ, we share the common goal of bringing more exposure to women in sport.

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