Women Talk Sports Partners

WIN for KC (Women's Intersport Network for Kansas City) was established in 1994 with the mission to empower girls and women through advocating and promoting the lifetime value of sports and fitness, while providing opportunities for participation and leadership development. WIN is a volunteer, membership-driven organization that operates as a program under the umbrella of the Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation.

WIN for KC exists because its volunteers and contributors believe in the physical and emotional well being of girls and women through involvement in sports and fitness. WIN for KC events and programs include participation and networking opportunities, leadership seminars, and promotions of women's events. WIN also recognizes girls and women's contributions to sport and advocates for equal opportunities.

Weplay is the fastest growing online youth sports community. Their mission is to enable and enhance the joy of sports for kids, families and coaches both online and on the field. Women Talk Sports is proud to partner with Weplay in order to help expand the reach of positive role models to our youth through sports.

MK Sports & Entertainment Group is dedicated to helping athletes and coaches achieve their personal and professional goals by combining their talents with our passion, commitment, and experience. We are tireless advocates for our clients in every aspect of their careers. At MK Sports & Entertainment, our clients are important to us not just as professionals, but as people.

The National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators (NACWAA) is the premier national membership organization that supports women's professional development in, and pursuit of, careers in collegiate athletics. Established in 1979, NACWAA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit association comprised of athletics administrators, coaches, professional staff and students representing universities, colleges and conference offices across the country.

NACWAA empowers, develops, assists, celebrates, affirms, involves and honors women in the field and takes a pro-active role in advancing them into positions of influence. Visit nacwaa.org today to learn more about NACWAA and its leadership education opportunities, become a member, browse jobs, read our blog and stay up to date on issues affecting women in sports.