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Former MuayThai fighter (2 times WMC Intercontinental champ) now journalist in Ireland.

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Action, Boardsports, Boxing, MMA, Running, Jump Rope,

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Judoka Lisa Kearney medals in Glasgow
Lisa Kearney in action Glasgow Commonwealth Games PIC Kearney's FBLisa Kearney, Ireland's first female Olympic judoka was in action this week again - taking home a bronze medal from the Commonwealth Games. Some great photos on her Facebook page and k...[Read on]
In defence of MMA and other nasty sports
For fight fans in Ireland, this week should have been the celebration of a UFC promotion but instead there's been an unedifying spat between fans and a radio station. MMA's Cathal Pendred - clearly not female, read on to see why he's here/IMAGE: Rodrigo R...[Read on]
American Kacy Catanzaro shows us what a female Ninja can do
There are many inspiring sports videos on this site, but you really need to watch this woman. Former gymnast Kacy Catanzaro doing her thing in TV show American Ninja Warrior will make your shoulders ache. Ok, very cheesy show-name but just wait till she g...[Read on]
Book Review: A History of Women's Boxing
Have you ever wondered about the women who came before you, the women who fought and pushed the boundaries of women’s fighting to make space for you?  American Malissa Smith has, and she’s now answered many of our questions in a fascinati...[Read on]
Lead the Change Be the Change - IWG on Women and Sport
Anyone interested in the politics of women in sport should check out the live feed from the International Working Group on Women and Sport conference. The three-day conference started yesterday, and you can find the links here Watch Conference Live ...[Read on]
New Yorker nails sports sexism
A quite brilliant cartoon from The New Yorker - thank you Twitter for sharing. More New Yorker cartoons here. ...[Read on]
Fast women - Jade Edwards steps up to the Aston Martin Challenge
Jade Edwards - PIC Facebook JadeEdwardsRacingCar-racing has always been seen as a man’s game but you see a few women popping up here and there. British driver Jade Edwards is now lining up to trace in the Aston Martin GT4 Challenge. This sport is no...[Read on]
What's really going on with funding for the Irish women's football team
The Irish soccer team came achingly close to a surprise victory over Germany at the weekend, but it wasn't to be. The final score after a last-minute goal was Rep of Ireland 2 Germany 3.There's a full match report online here if you need it, but this...[Read on]
Wordless Wednesday
Thanks to Melissa Vuong for these fabulous photos from the Together in Motion day in Sydney earlier this month for Women's Day.  More Wordless Wednesday bloggers here.  ...[Read on]
Wordless Wednesday
Raiders Women's Gridiron in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to Melissa Vuong for these fabulous photos!More Wordless Wednesday bloggers here. ...[Read on]