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Former MuayThai fighter (2 times WMC Intercontinental champ) now journalist in Ireland.

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Action, Boardsports, Boxing, MMA, Running, Jump Rope,

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What's really going on with funding for the Irish women's football team
The Irish soccer team came achingly close to a surprise victory over Germany at the weekend, but it wasn't to be. The final score after a last-minute goal was Rep of Ireland 2 Germany 3.There's a full match report online here if you need it, but this...[Read on]
Wordless Wednesday
Thanks to Melissa Vuong for these fabulous photos from the Together in Motion day in Sydney earlier this month for Women's Day.  More Wordless Wednesday bloggers here.  ...[Read on]
Wordless Wednesday
Raiders Women's Gridiron in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to Melissa Vuong for these fabulous photos!More Wordless Wednesday bloggers here. ...[Read on]
MuayThai - one ring, two women, 28 stitches
One of the best things about going to Thailand for boxing fans is the incredible standard of the fights there - day in, day out you just see the best. And on this trip I got to see two great women fighters take centre stage on the Yokkao Show in Patt...[Read on]
How young can you start your first boxing lesson?
I've been really slack on here this month. But it was in a good cause - visiting Thailand, the home of my favourite sport of MuayThai. I met some great fighters, and learn a lot about the changes to Muay Thai in this new-ish century. And of course, a...[Read on]
Exhaustion on the slopes Sochi-style
The women's cross-country skiathlon finish line. Photograph: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty ImagesWhen I saw this photograph at first on The Guardian website, I thought there had been a terrible tragedy. But no, it's just the aftermath of the Cross-country skiath...[Read on]
Death of Lucy Stack, when nothing takes away the pain
PIC found on Irish MirrorWhen we do sport, we feel free, we feel there is nothing bad in the world. But sometimes there is just nothing to take away the pain.This week a much-loved Irish racehorse breeder, Lucy Stack took her own life. Just 28, she and he...[Read on]
Is Sochi ready for the Games?
Sports journalists who've reached Sochi in Russia for the Winter Olympics are having a few problems adjusting to the hotels there. The photos are amusing but the corrupt building practices behind them, not so funny. Photos of journos pointing in cons...[Read on]
Vaness Mae gets ready for the Winter Olympics
Vanessa Mae PIC The TelegraphThai-British violinist Vanessa Mae will ski for Thailand in the Winter Olympics next week. ....Possibly one of the more unusual stories to come from the Games, and they're just starting. Fans of Mae will know she's always...[Read on]
New boxing gym for Katie Taylor
Lovely interview here with Katie Taylor's father and trainer, Pete on the opening of their new gym.  The dilapidated condition of the old gym including a lack of toilets caught Irish attention two years ago and has finally been changed. It looks gre...[Read on]