Have an Easier Week with Mindfulness

Recently I was reading about mindfulness techniques that are
helpful for athlete performance and realized just how easily these same tips
could also be applied to former athletes and even non-athletes. What is
mindfulness exactly? Mindfulness is allowing yourself to bring awareness to
what is happening in the current moment. This involves being considerate of how
your thoughts and feelings are affecting your overall mood. When we are mindful
we are more aware of the things we can control and less likely to be affected
by past and future events. Being mindful can provide us with the mental clarity
we need to thrive throughout the week.

  1.  Listen to your body

women doing our thing in society, we are expected to do things fast, well, and
with a smile. Our body usually gives us signs when things are not aligned. If
you experience recurring headaches, back pain, or any other sensations that don’t
feel like your usual self, slow down and focus on the why. Take some time
evaluate the why behind what your body is trying to tell you. Working out the
why behind the pain could make you feel better physically and mentally.

Be Kind to Yourself

gratitude is so important for your mental. You are an amazing person capable of
greatness. It is a powerful tool when you believe this about yourself. Taking
some time to be kind and give yourself affirmations increases your self-esteem,
and is a great reminder that you are really awesome. Trying taking a few
minutes at the beginning of your week to make a list of all the amazing things
about yourself and put it in a place it can be viewed throughout the week. A
boost of self confidence can increase your productivity and allow you to place
focus and energy on the things in your life that really matter.

Practice Deep Breathing

on your breathing has a way of giving your mind some time to focus on what is
happening in the present moment. Some people practice breathing techniques with
yoga. No time to make it to the studio, no problem. There are many yoga videos
provided on youtube that are as short as 15 minutes or less. Guided meditation
is also helpful. Breathing increases blood flow, lowers your heart rate and can
be very relaxing.

us know how these tips have helped you thrive throughout the week!