‘Players of the New School’: A powerhouse of black women media influencers

Erica Ayala, Jasmine Brown, Arielle Chambers, Laureen Irat and Princess Streeter (L to R) join “Players of the New School” on the latest episode. | Photos courtesy of Ayala, Brown, Chambers, Irat and Streeter via Instagram.

On the latest episode of “Players from the New School,” we finally gather the Minny Tribe for one of the most requested interviews. WNBA personalities and producers Erica Ayala, Jasmine Brown, Arielle Chambers, Laureen Irat and Princess Streeter chat with Jasmine Baker about the upcoming WNBA season, and more.

Last week Jasmine Baker finally sat down with her “Minny Tribe” to discuss the upcoming WNBA season.

This group consists of a few of the top writers, producers, content creators and influencers in sports media. The east coast crew features Erica Ayala (New York Times/The Athletic), Jasmine Brown (former ESPN), Arielle Chambers (Bleacher Report), Laureen Irat (Beyond the W) and Princess Streeter (ESPNU/Beyond the W).

Their voices have added diversity to the landscape of the league, easily making them fan favorites.

Ayala is one of the most powerful voices in women’s sports. As one of the few black Latinas in sports, she covers basketball, women’s hockey and baseball. The “auntie” of sports won’t be denied in her pursuit to examine sports thoroughly and educate in the process.

Brown has spent the past few seasons covering basketball in the D.C. area before taking her talents to ESPN as a production assistant. Her knack for creating visual content, mixing culture and WNBA footage, has made her an underrated influence.

Chambers, nicknamed “Oprah of the W” by Baker, is a refreshing voice the W needed. Her access, authenticity and advocacy for women’s sports has made her a force at a pivotal time. Chambers’ work at Bleacher Report has birthed HighlightHER and countless interviews with your favorite athletes and rappers.

Irat has built her own following after creating the platform Beyond the W. Her site is one of the few in the industry devoted to cultural exploration. Streeter, her podcast co-host, currently is attending business school at Georgetown. Her previous work includes production at ESPNU.


Stay tuned next week for the second part of our interview.