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Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports is a value betting software that finds out when the bookmakers are mis-pricing their sports betting odds – enabling bettors take advantage of their mistakes. Since 2016, Trademate’s customer have made a total net profit of 6.4M EUR from 3.7M bets with an avg. ROI of 2.65% per $ wagered. These stats are continuously updated on their website. The Trademate algorithm scans odds across 100 bookmakers and 8 sports( Football, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, esports, and Rugby) 24/7.

Trademate can be used by professional bettors as well as regular punters because it is really simple to use and it can be learned fairly quickly. Moreover, it is a perfect side-hustle for students or someone who already has a full-time job, especially if they like watching sports on the weekends. For example, a student with a starting bankroll of $2000 and an effort of 10 hours a week (mostly on weekends) can within months make a good side income. And in the long-run, it offers an opportunity to take sports betting on a more professional level with the Asian bookmakers.

Firstly, one of the biggest advantages of this software is that it enables you to systematically track the bets that have been placed and it gives a clear overview of how much has your starting bankroll grown since the beginning. Secondly, the software has the analytics section where the user is able to analyze his bets in a multitude of ways. For instance, analysis of performance can be conducted over an individual sport, over a certain period of time (monthly or yearly basis), or over certain bookmakers and odds types like 1×2, Moneyline, Asian handicap, etc. Furthermore, these factors can be grouped together into one analysis where the user can see how is soccer performing at Unibet or how is the 1×2 odds type performing in the last 2 months. Lastly, the software compares the result of the user against the closing line at the time the game started to give an indication of is the user beating the closing line and can he expect a positive ROI in the long-run. Trademate Sports offers a free 7 day trial and a guarantee that if you don’t make a profit in your first month, you get a 2nd month for free. – Matched Betting Software

Oddshero is a Matched Betting software and it gives an opportunity to exploit sign-up bonuses and free bets offered by the bookmaker. It might sound “too good to be true“, but matched betting is a 100% risk-free method of making money from betting if done correctly and that is where Oddshero software comes into play. The downside of matched betting is that one will eventually run out of sign up offers to exploit. But Oddshero covers more than 100 bookmakers from which free bets can be exploited and this method of betting can be used in the UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, etc.

The following example explains how matched betting works: A bookmaker offers a bonus of 100 EUR for depositing 100 EUR. But to be able to cash out the bonus money you need to place 5 bets of 100 EUR (turnover requirement). You make the deposit and start by placing your first matched bet: on over/under 2.5 goals between Real Madrid and Barcelona. You place the first bet on over 2.5 goals at the bookmaker offering the bonus at 2.00 in odds and 2.00 in odds on under 2.5 goals at a different bookmaker (matching your first bet = matched bet). Because the odds are the same on both outcomes, you will not lose any money regardless of the outcome. But you are one step closer to meeting the turnover requirement to cash out the bonus money.  Now one just needs to repeat the process for a couple of more bets and then one can cash out the bonus money. The Oddshero software automates the process of finding matched bets in the betting markets. It also keeps track of the key stats you need to know to meet the bonus requirements and keeping track of your profits.

There are a lot of benefits that the Oddshero software provides. Firstly, it doesn’t require a lot of money to clear up sign-up bonuses. A 100€ is enough to start making money. Secondly, it doesn’t require a lof time to meet the requirements of the bonuses. In most cases, it can be done in one month and the user can come out with potentially 1000€ of profits depending on how many bonuses/free bets has he cleared up. It is a good option for someone looking to make a side income online, but probably the best thing about matched betting is that it can be a quick and effective method to increase your bankroll if you are looking to do value betting with a service such as Trademate Sports, which is more of a long-term method. Check out this beginners guide to help you get started.